HD Repair Services

Depot Service is always an option

HDTV technology has seen amazing advancements since the days of CRT sets. Televisions are no longer solid state electronics with some computer function but now televisions are very advanced computer systems with specialized power supplies. With this new type of technology, a different mindset and different type of technician is needed to resolve and repair.

At HDRepair, our service difference is clear. Our technicians go through a rigorous training process that emphasizes the emerging technology of tomorrow. With experienced engineers on staff, HDRepair is able to provide support to our field technicians that no other service company can match. Our nationwide network of technicians will come to your home or business to get you back up and running. Shipping your unit in for depot repair is also an option! We work on all brands and types of HDTV’s. And all of our repair work has a 30-day warranty.